Laurie E. Schaefer
English Department Chair
Mount Tabor High School

342 Petree Road

Winston-Salem, NC 27106

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In English II, I typically take about three months to study the Holocaust and modern-day genocide. This is because I believe that it is important to study the past and act in the present.

I now maintain two websites, and my school website has the most current documents for all of my units, including the Holocaust unit. That website address is:


Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust Introduction and History of the Holocaust Perpetrators
I Teach the Holocaust Because... Holocaust Unit Journal Entries Holocaust Quotes
Lebensborn Genetic & Racial Hygiene MAUS by Art Spiegelman
Non-Jewish Victims Resistance Deniers
Adolf Hitler's Life Dachau The Kingdom of Auschwitz
Bystanders Liberators Modern Day Genocide
Theresienstadt: Kingdom of Deceit Stereotyping Victims, Perpetrators, and Rescuers PowerPoint  


Definition of the Holocaust Prezi Presentation 37 Victim ID Cards from the USHMM Berlin Laws for Introduction
Many Layers of the Holocaust Introduction Handout Events for Timeline Activity Vocabulary Words for Timeline Activity 
Timeline of the Holocaust Student Notes Stereotyping Handout I Stereotyping Handout II
Stereotyping Handout III Pyramid of Hate Handout I'm Still Here Study Guide
Salvaged Pages Reading Guide for Klaus Langer Nazi Ideology and Propaganda Heil Hitler! Confessions of a Hitler Youth Guide
Swing Kids Viewing Guide Holocaust Unit Novel Reading Choice Honors Novel Reading Guide and Item Chart
Honors Pictorial Memoir Project Instructions Night Reading Guide Night Vocabulary List
Night Novel Reading Project   Pictorial Memoir Scrapbook Rubric
Pictorial Memoir Scrapbook Peer Evaluation Rubric All But My Life Excerpts with Questions  Theresienstadt Handout
What's in a Name Handout Webquest for the USHMM Website The Woman Who Wore the Hat
Holocaust Journal Guidelines I Never Saw Another Butterfly One Act Play Terezin Poems
Night Quote Journal Protective Custody Prisoner 34042 Excerpt Protective Custody Prisoner 34042 Analysis
Elements of Surviving the Holocaust Surviving Auschwitz's Gas Chamber--Excerpt from AUSCHWITZ Triumph of the Spirit Movie Guide
A Survey of MAUS MAUS Part I Study Guide MAUS Part II Study Guide
MAUS Project Guidelines--Honors MAUS Graphic Novel Template--Honors MAUS Project Guidelines--Standard
MAUS Graphic Novel Template--Standard Requirements for Immigration Visas to the United States Ghetto Information
Berlin Law Exercise Holocaust Survivor Poem Types of Concentration Camps
Nazi Euphemisms Hitler's First Photograph Poem Death of Hitler
Hitler Youth Handbook for Leaders Hitler Youth Information Hitler Youth Monologue
Excerpt 1 from The Poisonous Mushroom Excerpt 2 from The Poisonous Mushroom Ordinary Men Excerpt
Lebensborn Information Perpetrator Level of Responsibility Prediction Guide Perpetrator Level of Responsibility  Pie Chart Directions
Hangman Poem Bystander Case Studies Righteous Gentiles
Schindler Handout Rescuers Children's Book Activity Liberators in the Holocaust
John Lafferty's Letter to the Charlotte Observer Hate Group Websites Holocaust Revisionists
Evaluating Hate Group Websites Creating a Wall of Remembrance USHMM State of Deception Webquest



United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

USHMM State of Deception Online Exhibit
NC Council on the Holocaust
Northwestern University Holocaust Art Exhibit
Dinah Babbitt's Website--Save her work from Auschwitz
Yad Vashem in Israel
German Propaganda Archive
Holocaust Cybrary--Survivor Stories
The History Place: Holocaust Timeline The Holocaust
Teaching Tolerance
Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Modern Day Genocide--Oprah's Book Club and NIGHT