Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

MARCH 10, 2011

Laurie Schaefer and Carol Danks

Museum Teacher Fellows and Regional Education Corps


Dr. David Berman and Jason Fitzgerald

University of Pittsburgh

USHMM Belfer First Step Downloads and Links

Introduction to the Holocaust Lesson & Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust

Holocaust Prediction Guide (Pre-Unit Student Survey)

The Many Layers of the Holocaust Handout

The Many Layers of the Holocaust PowerPoint

Prezi Definition of the Holocaust Presentation

Victim ID Cards from the USHMM

Berlin Laws Information Cards

Timeline of the Holocaust Handout

Events of the Holocaust Information Cards

Introduction to the USHMM Guidelines PowerPoint

Handout for USHMM Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust

Link to USHMM Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust

Primary Sources and Lesson Study

Laurie Schaefer, USHMM MTF and REC,

Primary Sources and the Holocaust PowerPoint

How to Evaluate a Photograph

State of Deception Webquest

Non-Jewish Victims Lesson Study

Holocaust Literature

Carol Danks, USHMM MTF and REC,


Teaching the Holocaust through Complex Concepts

Jason Fitzgerald,

Rethinking Perpetrators, Bystanders, and Rescuers in the Holocaust

Other Classroom Resources from the USHMM

(on your flash drive)

A Poetic Finale


Assessment Balkan

Assessment Darfur

Assessment Rwanda

Bringing the Holocaust Unit to Closure

Children's Diaries During the Holocaust

Classroom Guide for Defying Genocide

Diary Images from 2011 Calendar

Emigration Requirements during the Holocaust

Genocide Timeline

Holocaust Fatigue

Immigration to the United States during the Holocaust

Individual Response and Resistance

Learning from the Early Stages of the Holocaust

Lesson Template

Organizing the History

Pre World World II European Jewish Life Photo Project

USHMM Useful Links

Using Simulation in the Teaching of the Holocaust

What Happened to their Pets?

Useful Website Links


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

NC Council on the Holocaust
Northwestern University Holocaust Art Exhibit
Dinah Babbitt's Website--Save her work from Auschwitz
Yad Vashem in Israel
German Propaganda Archive
Holocaust Cybrary--Survivor Stories
The History Place: Holocaust Timeline The Holocaust
Teaching Tolerance
Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Modern Day Genocide--Oprah's Book Club and NIGHT







Link to Schaef's for more Holocaust Resources