NOVEMBER 5, 2010

Laurie Schaefer

Museum Teacher Fellow and Regional Education Corps

USHMM Lubbock Forum Downloads and Links

 Paul Salmons from the Holocaust Education Development Center at the Imperial War Museum

Website for the Imperial War Museum:

Adaptation of Stereotyping Lesson from Paul Salmons by Laurie Schaefer:

Stereotyping the Victims, Perpetrators, and Bystanders PowerPoint

Stereotyping Handout I

Stereotyping Handout II

Stereotyping Handout III

Pyramid of Hate Follow Up Lesson

Introduction to the Holocaust Lesson & Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust

Holocaust Prediction Guide (Pre-Unit Student Survey)

The Many Layers of the Holocaust Handout

Prezi Definition of the Holocaust Presentation

Victim ID Cards from the USHMM

Berlin Laws Information Cards

Timeline of the Holocaust Handout

Events of the Holocaust Information Cards

Handout for USHMM Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust

Link to USHMM Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust

Web Resources for Teaching the Holocaust

Evaluating Websites (Document)

Web Resources for the Holocaust (document)

Schaef's Webquest for USHMM Website (document)

Link to Online Version of Schaef's Webquest

Link to How to Create a Webquest

Link to USHMM Website

Link to (example website for evaluation)

Link to (example website for evaluation)

Link to Voices of the Holocaust Webquest

Link to Holocaust Webquest from Northfield Community School

Link to The Holocaust: A Webquest by George Cassutto

Link to Remembering the Holocaust with Hyperlinked Poetry

Link to Florida's AMAZING Holocaust Web Resources list

State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda

Link to USHMM online Propaganda Exhibit:

Handout for Deconstructing Nazi Propaganda

English Teachers: Join me on the EC Ning January 30-February 19, 2011 for an online workshop on the State of Deception Online Exhibit

Other Resources Discussed at the Workshop

Non-Jewish Victims of Nazi Ideology Lesson

Nazi Ideology E-book from the USHMM

Schaefer's Holocaust Handouts and PowerPoints

Helpful Website Links

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

NC Council on the Holocaust
Northwestern University Holocaust Art Exhibit
Dinah Babbitt's Website--Save her work from Auschwitz
Yad Vashem in Israel
German Propaganda Archive
Holocaust Cybrary--Survivor Stories
The History Place: Holocaust Timeline The Holocaust
Teaching Tolerance
Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Modern Day Genocide--Oprah's Book Club and NIGHT



Pictures of  Schaefer's classroom and students doing the timeline activitiy:






Link to Schaef's for more Holocaust Resources